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Bates Creek drains an area of about five square miles, and enters Soquel Creek near the Soquel I.O.O.F. Cemetery on Soquel San Jose Road. It is considered a sub-basin of the Soquel Creek watershed. It has been a dry creek-bed in some summers.


Bates Creek is mostly in the town limits of Soquel, California.


According to this mural at the Soquel Post Office Grover Saw Mill was on Bates Creek in 1876. Photo by John Pilge 2010.

Named for Joel Bates who settled in Santa Cruz County in the early 1850's. He built a saw mill on the creek that was in service from 1857 to 1866. In the 1800's it was also known as Picnic Gulch Creek. The gulch of the creek is Bates Gulch, and was also known as Grover's Gulch in the 1860's.

Bates Creek is one of the areas checked when doing an estimate of the bird population in Santa Cruz County.


Land of Medicine Buddha is located along Bates Creek.


The stream is considered non-navigational. Nearest bus routes are on Soquel Drive.


Bates Creek is located on the USGS map for Soquel, California. The mouth of the stream is located at 365946N latitude, 1215710W longitude. Bates Creek runs along North Main Street, north of Pringle Lane; to Glen Haven Road and Prescott Road. It extends into the Forest of Nisene Marks.

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