Bay Street stretches north from its southernmost point just in front of the Santa Cruz Dream Inn to Escalona Drive, where the name changes into Bay Drive, and continues up to High Street (its northernmost point), in front of UC Santa Cruz main entrance.

Driving Conditions

Traffic is light for the most part.


Though most of the street is generally pretty safe for cyclists, the portion North of Mission Street is much less hospitable. Going towards campus, the road is inclined and makes for a lot of huffing and puffing if you're not in top physical condition. At night there is almost no lamplight on the steepest stretches, and with only a bike light or car headlights to guide you, make sure you're wearing a helmet.

Public Transportation


Major Intersections

Businesses, Restaurants and Attractions

There are very few businesses and restaurants on Bay street- instead, it is lined with homes and a park area, La Barranca Park.

The riparian walkway, Bay Drive Median, is located on the Bay Drive stretch between Escalona and Nobel intersections. There are no businesses or residences on this section of road. Be aware that sometimes homeless people stay here during the night.

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