Berry Creek that drains into Big Creek, is located in the Swanton Area.

Berry Creek is the name of TWO streams in Santa Cruz County. They are about six miles apart. Berry Creek #1 About two miles long it is part of the Waddell Creek watershed. Drains into West Waddell Creek. It is in the Big Basin State Park area. On some maps it is listed as West Waddel Creek State Wilderness. (See the page on Berry Creek Falls for a photo.)

Berry Creek #2 Just over one mile long. Located in the Swanton Area of the north county. Part of the Big Creek sub-watershed of the Scott Creek watershed. It drains into Big Creek. Some of the water from Berry Creek feeds the fish hatchery in the area.


Berry Creek #1 Named for Tilford Berry, a lumberman who had a cabin near the creek. He disappeared, and in 1890 his bones were found above Boulder Creek.

Berry Creek #2 Named for Andrew Warren Berry who homesteaded in the area sometime before 1859. During the 2009 fire in the area, Berry Creek was an important staging area.


Berry Creek #1 None. It is in a state park.

Berry Creek #2 None. Farm and residential area.


Berry Creek #1 Trails can accept bicycles and foot traffic. No horses allowed.

Berry Creek #2 No trail access, and no public transportation in the area.


Berry Creek #1 Google map of Berry Creek flowing into West Waddell Creek.

Berry Creek #2 :Google map of Berry Creek in the Swanton area.

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