Berry Creek Falls A Closer View Berry Creek Falls is a gorgeous 60 foot waterfall in the heart of

Big Basin Redwoods State Park, fed by Berry Creek. It flows year round and the hike there winds through Big Basin's largest area of old growth Redwoods.

The waterfall can be reached from a variety of directions, but the two most popular starting points are the park's headquarters and Rancho del Oso State Park.

Directions from the park headquarters

Take the Skyline to the Sea Trail for 5 miles then take the Berry Creek Falls Trail which leads shortly to the falls. Hike the same route back to the headquarters for a 10 mile roundtrip hike, or continue on the Berry Creek Falls Trail to see Silver Falls and the Golden Cascades. Then take the Sunset trail back to the park headquarters for an 11 mile loop or camp at Sunset Camp, a backpacking trail camp.

Directions from Rancho del Oso

Take the Skyline to the Sea Trail for 6.5 miles to the Berry creek Falls Trail and hike the same route back for a 13 mile loop. Part of this route can be taken by mountain bike, and there is a place to lock your bike a mile's hike away from the falls.

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