Bradley at the Holdout in Oakland. Photo: 2012.

Bradley, aka Bradley Stuart, aka Bradley Stuart Allen
Photographer, Journalist, Web Developer
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Bradley Stuart Allen is a photographer who has contributed content to Santa Cruz Indymedia since 2001. He has widely covered protests, demonstrations, and other social movements in Santa Cruz and at UCSC, and his work has been featured in the Santa Cruz Sentinel, TWANAS, and Good Times.

His work has also been published in a wide variety of publications and media outlets outside of the area, including Democracy Now!, The Progressive Magazine, The Chronicle of Higher Education, San Francisco Bay View Newspaper, San Jose Mercury News, San Antonio Current, Gizmodo, Kaos en la Red,, Bite Back,, Earth First! Journal, AlterNet, Cannabis Culture, Bradley Manning Support Network, Rising Tide North America, Common Ground Relief in New Orleans, Baylor University, Community Alliance of Fresno, Serf City Revolt, Antioch Arrow, Modesto Anarcho, SnitchWire, Socialist Viewpoint, and American Friends Service Committee.

Stuart attended UCSC and received a Bachelor's degree in Environmental Studies in 2002, and a Master's in Social Documentation in 2008. has served as an archive of his protest and politically-related photography work since 2005.

He became known as one of the Santa Cruz Eleven after photographing the 75 River occupation in 2011 for Santa Cruz Indymedia. An arrest warrant was issued for Stuart, and after a number of court appearances defending himself against felony charges, they were all dropped in May of 2012.

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