North Branciforte Avenue Bridge during the widening of Highway 1. Branciforte Avenue North Branciforte Avenue Runs from north side of Water Street to DeLaveaga Drive at the South end of DeLaveaga Golf Course. South Branciforte Avenue starts at Ocean View Park just past Ocean View Way/Peck Terrace and ends at south side of Water Street .

Branciforte Drive

Branciforte Drive starts at the end of Market Street at the Highway 1 over-crossing. Branciforte Drive extends six miles to the junction where Vine Hill Road and Mountain View Road meet.

Villa de Branciforte was the name of the original settlement in Santa Cruz County. The County was originally called Branciforte County. The name is in honor of the Viceroy of New Spain. There have been many different spelling of Branciforte. Even today, B-40 is a typical abbreviation used by the county government and locals.

Branciforte Drive The over crossing separating Market Street and Branciforte Drive. Note clearance is 15 feet 4 inches.


Branciforte Avenue There are bike lanes on most of the length of the North Branciforte Avenue and South Branciforte Avenue, except for the section from Broadway south, which is low traffic residential area. Branciforte Drive Some stretches of road have a wide enough shoulder for bicycles. For most of the way it is a "share the road" policy. Weekdays the traffic is not so bad. Bikers along Branciforte Drive have urged caution due to weekend traffic.

Public Transportation

There is no bus service for Branciforte Drive. There is no bus service for Branciforte Avenue.


Major Intersections

Businesses & Services

Along Water Street

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