A seasonal waterfall that empties into Bridge Creek along the hike to Maple Falls

Forest of Nisene Marks State Park
Trail Heads
Begins at Loma Prieta Grade
Ends at Maple Falls
Trail Length
1.9 miles
Terrain Description
Moderate incline, Rocky/cliffy as it passes through Bridge Creek
Intersecting Trails
Loma Prieta Grade
Trail Type / Handicap Accessible?
Single Track/No
Dogs Allowed?
Biking Allowed?
Horses Allowed?

Bridge Creek Trail is easy to hike on the way to Bridge Creek Historic Site, but after that it passes through Bridge Creek several times and some scrambling is required to get to Maple Falls. There are two notable areas where fossilized mollusc shells are visible on Bridge Creek Trail, one small area in the cliff next to the trail, and one area in the bed of Bridge Creek as the trail first crosses it. Both locations are about half a mile away from where the trail begins at Loma Prieta Grade.

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