Bull Creek starts at elevation 1600 feet and flows into the San Lorenzo River. The creek has also been known as Cremer Creek. At Gishee Road in Felton the creek flows into a pipe. This pipe moves the water under Kirby Street and into the San Lorenzo River near the traffic bridge. For several hundred yards Bull Creek is an underground creek.

Bull Creek goes underneath part of Felton on the way to the San Lorenzo River. This view is near the Fire Department. Where Bull Creek enters the San Lorenzo River.

History Named for Thomas Bull. He came to California around 1850 from New York. He worked for Wells Fargo in in San Francisco in 1851. He started exploring for gold near Felton about 1862. In 1865 he bought 450 acres near Felton and began producing lime in 1866. Eben and Stanley Bennett started producing lime in 1867.  They had a kiln nearby. They and Thomas Bull shipped their product down the mountain together.

There is still the remains of the Bull Creek kilns. According to one survey:

"Bull Creek Description: one pot kiln and one continuous (Monitor) kiln Status: pot kiln still standing, continuous kiln has cooling chamber only. Other names: Bull’s lime kilns, Bull & Holmes kilns, Holmes kilns. "

Bull Creek is used as part of Felton's water supply.

Maps Part of Bull Creek can be found on the following USGS map.

  Feature Name County State Latitude Longitude Ele(ft) Map Entry Date
  Bull Creek Santa Cruz CA 370256N 1220613W 293 Felton 31-Dec-81

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