This entry refers to a departed business — a business that has closed or left town. Information here is mostly for historical reference.

Former Location
418 Cedar Street, Santa Cruz, CA  95060-4305

Daily: 7 am to 11 pm

(831) 426-1775
Former Owner(s)
Karl Heiman.
Business Lifespan
2003 - August 2017.
Payment Method
Cash, Check, Credit Card, Other
Yes, free to all

Caffe Pergolesi is probably Santa Cruz's best known and most loved coffee house. It is located on Cedar street, and blurs the line between the downtown district and the historic district, seeing as that it fits both bills. Situated in a Victorian-era home, the Perg is comprised of several rooms— the lobby, the blue room, the green room and the orange room. The furniture is eclectic and includes plush antique couches and church pews. Additional seating is out on the deck and porch.

Their website states they are the oldest coffee shop in Santa Cruz. The Perg hosts many concerts and art shows. They also have a small table in the blue room for flyers and free periodicals.

The coffee shop has public restrooms, which may not be the cleanest around, but they get the job done. The walls are covered with various stickers and graffiti, and they are pretty darn small.

When Santa Cruz Free Skool was active, many of the classes were hosted at this location. At one point, there was a cool collection of coffee cup art near the front entrance and a lively bulletin board in the blue room.

Karl Heiman is the owner of Caffe Pergolesi, as well as Mr. Toots Coffeehouse in Capitola Village.

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