The 2011 festival poster.

India Joze  @ 418 Front Street ~ across from Metro Station
Jozseph Schultz (with Beth Regardz)
(Date ~ 1972 founding of India Joze)  Date of first Calamari Festival ~ Sept 8, 1981


The Calamari Festival is an annual culinary event put on by India Joze.

The festival has its roots into the 1980s when the restaurant India Joze was located at the Santa Cruz Art Center. The manner of organization of the festival varied from year to year. Some years the festivities poured out into Squid Row. Other years the festival was strictly a culinary event held at India Joze. For several years the festival was commemorated with fun artwork and a t-shirt.

Dormant for some time, the festival returned when India Joze opened back up on Front Street. The festival is now planned to take place annually in August, and is probably a hot ticket due to the size of the new restaurant. From the India Joze website: "Joze centers their festival around their tasty lore and culinary calamari consciousness inspired by these iridescent cephalopods."

A Calamari Festival t-shirt from the 1980s. The bottom line reads, "India Joze, Home of the international Calamari Festival."


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