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Cliff Street at 1st Street, looking north.

Cliff Street in Santa Cruz runs from Beach Street in Santa Cruz, and goes north for about two-tenths of a mile where it becomes one lane that winds downhill to meet Laurel Street Extension. Cliff Street in Davenport is a short residential road about 1,500 feet from the Highway 1.

Because of the name, Cliff Street in Santa Cruz is sometimes confused with West Cliff Drive nearby. This sometimes happens on internet mapping programs like


Cliff Street in Santa Cruz No bike lanes. Traffic can be busy in summer. Slight incline going north. Cliff Street in Davenport No bile lanes. Minimal traffic.

Public Transportation

Cliff Street in Santa Cruz Bus stops are on Cliff Street between Beach Street and Second Street in Santa Cruz. Cliff Street in Davenport Bus stops are on Highway 1


Casino Arcade is on Beach Street across from Cliff Street.

Major Intersections

Cliff Street in Santa Cruz Cliff Street @ Beach Street Cliff Street in Davenport Cliff Street @ [San Vicente Street"]

Restaurants and Shopping

Cliff Street in Santa Cruz On Beach Street with entrances on Cliff Street. Cliff Street in Davenport none.



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