This entry refers to a departed business — a business that has closed or left town. Information here is mostly for historical reference.

Former Locations
7851 Soquel Drive, Aptos, CA 95003
6265 Hwy. 9, Felton, CA 95005
530 Front Street, Santa Cruz, CA 95060
375 Main Street, Watsonville, CA 95076
Former Owners
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Business Lifespan
(In Santa Cruz County) 1982-1998

Coast Federal Bank Started as Coast Federal Savings and Loan. It came to Santa Cruz County by buying the branches of Monterey Savings in 1982. In November 1982, they became Coast Federal Bank, Federal Savings Bank. This was a popular practice as the fees for FDIC were less than FSLIC (Federal Savings & Loan Insurance Corporation). Coast Federal bought American Savings in 1992. In March of 1998, Coast Federal Bank was bought by Home Savings of America. Home Savings of America was already established in Santa Cruz County, and found it prudent to sell off the branches. Later that same year (1998) Home Savings of America was bought by Washington Mutual.

Coast Federal Bank helped to sponsor the mural, Where Strawberries are Sweeter. Until 2015, there was a small park on Main Street in Watsonville with a mural, Where Strawberries are Sweeter, showing harvest. One of the sponsors was Coast Federal Bank.

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