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It is spelled "Cocoanut Grove" since the name was changed in the 1930's. Spelling cocoanut with an "a" is the original correct spelling. There is a movie called "Cocoanut Grove" from 1938 and there was a "Cocoanut Grove" club inside the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles that dated back to 1921. Neither had anything to do with the Cocoanut Grove in Santa Cruz.

The Cocoanut Grove was built with the Casino after a fire completely destroyed Neptune Casino.

The Cocoanut Grove was known as a club for entertainment. According to their website, there were many famous bands including Artie Shaw, Benny Goodman, Buddy Rogers, Xavier Cugat, Vincent Lopez, Glen Gray, Gene Krupa, Dick Jurgen, Tommy Dorsey, Freddy Martin, Russ Morgan, Merv Griffin, Lawrence Welk, and Harry Owens. In the 1960's Sonny and Chere appeared at the Cocoanut Grove.

Nowadays the building is used for special events. This includes class reunions, fashion shows, business meetings, and the yearly New Year's Eve Eve party on December 30th.

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