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Established in 2000.



Fall 09 - Spring 10 Move In Day - 9/18/09 Fall 09 Freshmen Rm 2302 - 2429 All Female Floors Rm 2505 - 2519 Quiet Floor

Priority placement are given to students that indicate a strong preference to single sex floor. No all male floor provided due to lack of demand.

Room dimensions: Single: 108"H x 140"W x 152"L Double: 108"H x 142"W x 207"L Small Triple: 108"H x 151"W x 205" to 211"L Triple: 96" to 108"H x 131"W x 251"L [Dimensions may vary from room to room]

Provided [Dorms]: -Extra long twin mattress -Desk -Chair -Bookshelf -Small file cabinet -Dresser -Closet/Wardrobe -Waste basket -Ethernet and cable connections

What not to bring: -Halogen lights -Furniture -Candles, kerosene lamp -Adhesive hooks, large nails -Skateboards, rollerblades -Pets -Amplified instruments -Glow in the dark stars and pain -Extension cords/octopus plugs -Weapons of any kind

Mini-fridges are sold at Bay Tree Bookstore; White $89 Others $99-119

Laundry: $0.75 Wash $0.75 Dry (per load)


Core Course

CLNI 80A/80B

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