Commercial Way runs parallel to Soquel Drive.  Commercial Way can be accessed from the southbound off ramp from Highway 1, from Commercial Crossing off of Soquel Drive, and by Mission Drive. Commercial Way starts from the south bound offramp of Highway 1 and continues about 1500 feet to join Soquel Drive about 200 feet west of the junction of Soquel Drive and Chanticleer Avenue.  The east end of Commercial Way is a one-way going east.  No traffic may enter Commercial Way from the eastern end.

This sign, where Soquel AVENUE meets the bridge to Soquel DRIVE hints at the problem of getting to Commercial Way.


It has bike lanes.  Road is level.  Be aware of cars coming off the freeway!

Public Transportation

Santa Cruz Metro.  The nearest bus stop is on Soquel Drive.


Businesses & Services


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