This entry refers to a departed business — a business that has closed or left town. Information here is mostly for historical reference.

From an old advertisement.

Former Main Offic Location
55 River Street, Santa Cruz, CA 95060-4568
Former Owners
Great Grandfather of Sean Farrell of the movie, Following Sean (2005)
Business Lifespan

County Bank of Santa Cruz was a locally owned bank with several branches throughout Santa Cruz County. The bank was the second oldest continuing bank in California. Only Wells Fargo Bank was older. When active, County Bank of Santa Cruz had more locations in Santa Cruz County than any other bank (~10) and had more depositors than any bank in the county. The Watsonville branch at 400 Main Street was opened in 1977. The symbol after changing the name to County Bank and Trust.

County Bank and Trust

In 1982 the name was changed to "County Bank & Trust" with a holding company called Cobanco.

Pacific Western Bank

The bank became Pacific Western Bank after merging with Pacific Valley Bank in 1987. In September of 1993 Pacific Western Bank was bought by Comerica Bank.

You can see closed branches of County Bank at the Former Bank Buildings listing.

The name "County Bank" is popular. There are other banks in the country named County Bank*, and the currently operated Santa Cruz County Bank has no connection to County Bank of Santa Cruz

* There are banks named "County Bank" in Delaware, Missouri, and Iowa. If you add the name of the county (Monterey County Bank) there are more than 60 in the US.

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