Santa Cruz County has a number of covered bridges.  Some of them are no longer around, like the 530 feet long Soquel Avenue Covered Bridge (built in 1874) that crossed over the San Lorenzo River, and the 83 feet long Glen Canyon Road Covered Bridge (built in 1892) that crossed over Branciforte Creek.  They were replaced with a more modern concrete bridge. 


"Felton Covered Bridge", "37.050775", "-122.070926"


At 163 feet long, this Pratt truss design bridge was built in 1892, it's believed to be the tallest covered bridge in the U.S.  It is listed as a historic landmark under the National Register of Historic Places #73000451, and California Historical Landmark #583.

Also see: Felton Covered Bridge Park


"Glen Canyon Covered Bridge", "36.99923", "-122.009432"



Circa 1936. Current Glen Canyon bridge. This bridge was built in 1892, but was later moved to

DeLaveaga Park in 1939 and a concrete bridge was built in it's place.  The covered bridge was eventually dismantled in the late 1980's because of severe deterioration and was deemed structurally unsafe.  It is listed as a historical landmark #84001194 in the National Register of Historic Places.



"Powder Works Covered Bridge", "37.010465", "-122.043883"


This 180 feet long, Smith truss design covered bridge (also known as the Paradise Park Covered Bridge) was built in 1872.  It is located in the Paradise Park Masonic Club grounds (private land) and crosses over the San Lorenzo River.  It's also the only covered bridge in Santa Cruz County that is still open to automobiles weighing under 5 tons. This bridge became a national landmark in 2015.


"Lompico Covered Bridge", "37.050775", "-122.070926"

This footbridge connects the road to the private home on the other side of Lompico Creek.


• The following bridges were built as more of a tourist attraction:


"Redwood Village Covered Bridge", "36.975826", "-121.886632"

The 88 feet long Redwood Village Covered Bridge crosses a branch of Valencia Creek.  It was not covered when it was originally built in 1974, but a roof was added to add "charm" to the village bridge.


"Roaring Camp Covered Bridge", "37.042786", "-122.06319"

The Roaring Camp Covered Bridge is a 36 feet long Pratt truss design bridge that crosses over Roaring Camp Gulch & Pond.  It is located at Roaring Camp Railroads, and was built in 1969.  It is said to be the shortest covered bridge in the U.S.

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