This entry refers to a departed business — a business that has closed or left town. Information here is mostly for historical reference.


Phone book listing for Crocker Bank in Santa Cruz.

Former Location
720 Front Street, Santa Cruz, CA 05060
495 Rodriguez, Watsonville, CA 95076
Former Owners
(Last) Midlands Bank
Business Lifespan
In Santa Cruz: 1969-1986

Crocker Bank started in San Francisco in 1870. When it built a branch in Santa Cruz in 1969 it was Crocker-Citizens Bank. By 1971 the phone books listed it as Crocker-Citizens National Bank. In 1972 it was listed as Crocker National Bank. Virtually all remember it as Crocker Bank which is what it said on the signs at the bank (and in the TV ads). The Watsonville branch was added in 1976.

Crocker Bank was acquired by the British firm Midlands Bank in 1981, but kept the name Crocker Bank. It was sold to Wells Fargo Bank in May 1986. Wells Fargo Bank already had a bank in downtown Santa Cruz. The Crocker Bank branch at 720 Front Street was closed and the building sold. The building has since been re-used as a bank by Coast Commercial Bank and County Bank of Santa Cruz. The Watsonville branch was also sold. (Wells Fargo already had two branches in the area.)

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Crocker Bank was noted for specialties like this tape measure. There most popular item was the "Crocker Spanial" A plush toy. The plush toy was for sale, but some items were free. This scene from the movie Sudden Impact shows the Crocker Bank sign on Front Street.

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