Deer Park Directory

783 Rio Del Mar Boulevard, Rio Del Mar, CA 95003
(Names of owners/proprietors here)
(prior to 1995)

A sign that mentions Deer Park Marketplace. In the late 1800's Claus Spreckels began buying land in the area. Part of his estate included a fenced-off forested area for deer hunting. This was known as "Deer Park." Part of that is now where "Deer Park Marketplace" is located.

The signs say "Deer Park Marketplace." The address is 783 Rio Del Mar Blvd and each shop has a number. This place was known at the "Deer Park Shopping Center" for a while, therefore some stores list the address as "Deer Park Center." Notice that, "Deer Park Marketplace" is in Rio Del Mar and not Aptos. Aptos and Rio Del Mar have the same ZIP code. ,

Deer Park Business as of January 2010:

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