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There is also a Beach Street in Santa Cruz.

Watsonville Historical Museum. Queen Ann Style home. Former home of a California Lieutenant Governor. Making Apple juice for over 100 years. Former home of the founder of a chemical company.

East Beach Street in Watsonville is known for several historic buildings.

East and West Beach Street in Watsonville

East Beach Street starts at Main Street in Watsonville and goes northeast for almost one mile. East Beach Street is ONE WAY going northeast from Main Street for three blocks.

West Beach Street starts at Main Street in Watsonville and goes southwest for about three miles. West Beach Street goes toward a beach area on Monterey Bay. About two miles before the beach area, the road name changes to Beach Road. (Beach Road dead ends at Palm Beach.)


Roads are smooth, level and wide on West Beach Street and East Beach Street. EAST Beach Street Traffic is busy. There are lots of parked cars. East Beach Street passes by Watsonville High School. WEST Beach Street Traffic is moderate to slight. West Beach Street passes through the industrial area and farmland.

Public Transportation

Bus Route 79 and Bus Route 69A travel East Beach Street. There are no bus routes on West Beach Street.

Major Intersections

Main Street in Watsonville is the only major intersection for East Beach Street and West Beach Street.

Restaurants and Shopping

There are shops within walking distance where Main Street meets West Beach Street and East Beach Street.


No services.

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