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There is also a Lake Avenue in Santa Cruz.

While outside the city limits of Watsonville, this junction to Holohan Road (left) is the busiest intersection on East Lake Avenue.

East Lake Avenue starts at Main Street in Watsonville. East Lake Avenue is one-way from Union Street going south west to Main Street. East Lake Avenue is 3.7 miles long from Main Street to Casserly Road where the name changes to Hecker Pass Road.

East Lake Avenue is also part of Highway 152. Because East Lake Avenue is a one-way for a few blocks, East Beach Street (also one-way, but going the opposite direction as East Lake Avenue) is part of 152 for the few blocks that both street are one-way.

West Lake Avenue starts at Main Street in Watsonville and goes a few blocks southwest. The area is industrial. West Lake Avenue is an industrial area.


Roads are smooth, level and wide on West Lake Avenue and East Lake Avenue. EAST Lake Avenue Traffic is busy. There are lots of parked cars. WEST Lake Avenue Traffic is moderate to slight. West Lake Avenue passes through the industrial area.

Public Transportation

Bus Route 79 travels parts of West Lake Avenue and all of East Lake Avenue.


First Christian Church on East Lake Avenue. Santa Cruz County Fair is held at the fairgrounds located on East Lake Avenue. College Lake is a seasonal lake near the cemetery along East Lake Avenue. Being the closest road to College Lake is how the road got its name. The First Christian Church was designed by William Weeks. It is on East Lake Avenue.

Major Intersections

East Lake Avenue @ Holohan Road. East Lake Avenue @ Union Street.

Restaurants and Shopping

East Lake Avenue has many shopping and eating places. West Lake Avenue is an industrial area.


There is a 7-Eleven at Union Street and East Lake Avenue.

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