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Where West Zayante Road (left) and East Zayante Road (ahead) meet.

East Zayante Road starts at Graham Hill Road near the Roaring Camp Railroads entrance. East Zayante Road continues for about 4 miles northwest as it winds amid a forested area. The road narrows and loses the double yellow line.

West Zayante Road starts at Quail Hallow Road and goes south to junction with 7200 area of East Zayante Road. It is about one mile long.


There are no bike lanes. Traffic is bike friendly, and not too busy, except for weekends and rush hour. (Mornings you can see 40 cars an hour and the pace is rapid.)

Public Transportation

There are a few bus stops. Scheduling changes with the seasons.


Trout Farm Inn

Major Intersections

Graham Hill Road @ East Zayante Road has the only traffic signal.

Restaurants and Shopping

Trout Farm Inn Zayante Creek Market & Deli



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