Eaton Street starts at the bridge. Notice the bike lanes get narrow there. Notice one car with no lights at sunset and driving on the divider line. Photo: September 2010. Eaton Street runs west to east between Murray Street to 9th Avenue.  A distance of about two-tenths of a mile.  Eaton Street starts at the bridge.  The Glenn Coolidge bridge is part of Murray Street.

 Road is mostly level.  Traffic can be moderate to very busy. Bike lanes from Glenn E. Coolidge Memorial Bridge to 7th Avenue.  Bike lanes get narrow toward the bridge.

Public Transportation
Bus stops on 7th Avenue.  The Bus route travels on Eaton Street, but it has no room to stop until the bus stop on Murray Street.

Santa Cruz Harbor Glenn E. Coolidge Memorial Bridge

Major Intersections
7th Avenue
As Eaton crosses the bridge it becomes Murray Street

None on Eaton Street.


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