Quarry Plaza, UCSC Campus (next to the Baytree Bookstore)
7:30am-6:30pm weekdays
(831) 555-5555
(Names of owners/proprietors here)
(Date, i.e. YYYY-MM-DD)
Payment Method
Cash, Credit Card, now takes flexi

The UCSC Express store (not to be confused with Xpressit! just a few doors down) is the campus "mini mart", selling mostly food items. The majority is prepackaged snack foods, like Kettle Chips, cookies, ice cream energy bars and candy, with a shelf devoted to more "cook it yourself" items like boxed Mac and Cheese and popcorn. They also sell hot coffee and tea, along with a wide variety of refrigerated drinks.

They have a surprisingly large selection of "natural" and organic foods, and always have some fresh foods (like bananas/fruit, sushi, sandwiches, etc) in the refrigerator case that at least appear more appetizing than what they sell down the road at 7-11. Prices are higher than that of a typical grocery store, but standard for the average convenience store. There are also lots of vegan and vegetarian food to choose from.

They also sell testing supplies like Blue Books, Scantrons and pencils (look underneath the counter near the baytree bookstore entrance) as well as cleaning and household supplies. Check the "discount barrell" near the household goods- occasionally you'll find a good deal.

If you need to go grocery shopping but don't want to leave campus, you will probably have better luck if you go to the Kresge Co-op.

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