Between 6231 to 6281 Graham Hill Road, Felton, CA 95018
24 hours
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Felton Fair, often misspelled as "Felton FairE", Possibly because of the "Mountain Faire" held at Roaring Camp in Felton.

Felton Fair is the main stop for Santa Cruz County Transit buses through Felton.


Blackbirds at Felton Fair. Visiting Felton Fair you often hear a lot of birds. Typically a forest with lots of Redwoods is quiet. Birds don't like trees where the first branch is often 90 feet up. With lots of tall trees, there is more shade than light on the forest floor. This makes food more scarce. Felton Fair has a lot of short trees with plenty of branches. Also, plenty of nesting material on the ground, and nearby food and water. At Felton Fair, the blackbirds are there in force. They like the trees, nesting materials, and food. The blackbirds like to flock. The blackbirds have chased away the other birds. An occasional crow (about twice the size of a blackbird) may fly into Felton Fair. The blackbirds have been seen attacking a crow.

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