1130 Mission Street, Santa Cruz
(At the corner of Mission and Laurel)

Herb Room 9 am to 10 pm every day

Food Bin 9 am to 11 pm every day

(831) 423-5526 (Food Bin)
(831) 429-8108 (Herb Room)
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The Food Bin and Herb Room are a local Santa Cruz "natural foods" store and herb/vitamin/aromatherapy supply store, respectively. The Food Bin stocks an impressive selection of organic produce and other mostly "natural" foods for its size, while the Herb Room next door sells just about every type of herb imaginable, along with books, tinctures, essential oils and body products.


The Herb Room


Though rather small, both stores attract attention via the large sign out front which often contains kooky or inspiring phrases.



The stores are open later than the other natural foods stores in town, making the Food Bin in particular a popular choice with the late-night crowd. They have an extensive bulk selection and an unmatched shopping atmosphere. The prices tend to run a bit high though.

There's a pleasant patio/seating area adjacent to the bike parking.


2010-06-03 17:26:02   I love this store and can't live without it especially when under the weather and need a tincture or advice on a how to cure myself. If I go to the doctor for diagonis I often find myself go here to find the remedy. It's been fool proof so far. The Herb Room Staff are very knowledgeble, helpful and caring. I love the atmosphere of old world know-how, tranquility, purity and the wonderful scent of herbs and plants. Each visit has been a pleasure. This establishment is a true jewel of the community. with love from Ingela Sakkestad —

2012-04-13 10:42:36   I love this store as much as Santa Cruz, the most beautiful city! I have one of the chap sticks, they are amazing. Can I order them online as well? Because I might not come to Santa Cruz for the next months. —