This entry refers to a departed business — a business that has closed or left town. Information here is mostly for historical reference.

Former Location
516 Front Street, Santa Cruz, CA 95060-4506
Former Owners
Gerry J. Turgeon.
Business Lifespan

The Front Street Pub (also known as the "Santa Cruz Brewing Co.") was the first micro-brewery and pub in central California since Prohibition.

Their main beers include the Lighthouse Lager, Lighthouse Amber, and Pacific Porter.  Specialty beers they produced throughout the years include: Big Wheat, F.G.S., Lighthouse E.S.B., Beacon Bock, Beacon Barley Wine, Crow's Nest Blonde, Lighthouse Fest, Pacific Stout, Pigeon Point Pilsner, Hoppy Holidays, Big Razz Wheat.

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