The Giant Dipper

Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk
Notable Dates
Opened in May, 1924
Historical Info
Declared a National Historic Landmark in 1987

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The Giant Dipper was built by Arthur Loof in 47 days for the cost of $50,000. It opened on May 27, 1924 for 15¢ a ride. It is currently the fifth oldest roller coaster in the US and has had over 59 million riders! The famous coaster has also been featured in numerous movies including Sting II, The Lost Boys, Dangerous Minds, and Sudden Impact. The coaster reaches speeds of up to 55mph and features a drop of 69 feet (21 m). Additionally, the beginning of the ride immerses you in a dark musty tunnel, before plunging into the light and up the big hill!

In 1987 it was added to the National Registry of Historic Places.

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