Typical traffic on the bridge

Murray Street and Eaton Street, Santa Cruz
across the small craft harbor
Notable Dates
Dedicated 14 March 1963
Historical Info
Dedicated to the memory of former Assemblyman Glenn E. Coolidge

This bridge, which is fairly busy with pedestrian, bike, and vehicle traffic, provides access to the small craft harbor. Pedestrians can walk down a staircase on the South-West side of the bridge, and all traffic can access the harbor on the South-East side of the bridge where it turns into Eaton Street.

Although there are bike lanes on this bridge, they're fairly narrow - be careful!

The lower harbor as seen from the bridge The seedy underbelly of Coolidge Bridge

This bridge serves to divide the North (or Upper) and South (or Lower) sections of harbor, and makes for a good vantage point for pedestrians who like to watch the student sailors learn how to tack.

A railway bridge next to the pedestrian/bike/auto bridge Plaque says: Glenn E. Coolidge Memorial Bridge Dedicated March 14, 1969 to the memory of Assemblyman Glenn E. Coolidge in appreciation of faithful service to the residents of the county of Santa Cruz