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Here are some of the "Traffic Control Box" art in Santa Cruz County.

Center Street @ Lincoln Street James Carl Aschbacher painted the one at Soquel Avenue @ Capitola Road Front Street @ Cooper Street Soquel Avenue @ Mentel Avenue Soquel Ave @ 17th


Soquel Avenue @ Hagemann Avenue (front) Soquel Avenue @ Hagemann Avenue (back) Soquel Avenue @ Frederick Street Soquel Avenue @ Marnell Avenue Soquel Avenue @ South Morrissey Boulevard      
Water Street @ River Street (front) Water Street @ River Street (back) Riverside Avenue @ San Lorenzo Boulevard Water Street @ Market Street Bay Street @ King Street      
Vanessa Stafford painted the one at Laurel Street @ Pacific Avenue Front@Laurel Center Street @ Laurel Street 41st @ Capitola Mall      
Clares Street near bus stop.[obverse] Clares Street near bus stop. [reverse]

41st Ave @ Capitola Road (Sea Lion)


Capitola Road @ Clares Street 41st Avenue @ Clares Street.      
Brommer Avenue @ 41st Avenue. Capitola Road @ 38th Avenue Scotts Valley Drive @ El Pueblo Drive Scotts Valley Drive @ Disc Drive      
Obverse at 237 Mt. Hermon Rd. Reverse at 237 Mt. Hermon Rd. Mt. Hermon Road @ Scotts Valley Drive. Scotts Valley Drive @ Disc Drive Scotts Valley Drive @ Victor Square      
Graham Hill Rd. in Felton right-side.Graham Hill Rd. in Felton left-side. Soquel Avenue @ Front Street Rancho Del Mar Shopping Center. Bean Creek Rd. @ Scotts Valley Dr.      
Graham Hill Rd. @ Simms (obverse)Graham Hill Rd @ Simms (reverse).

Rodeo Gulch Rd. @ Soquel Drive

Caoitola@Chanticleer Near a school. While the image shows a date of 1945 the image is not historically accurate. (Chalkboard is green, desks and chairs are wrong, etc.) Image done in 2013. Seabright Avenue @ Broadway


Ocean St. @ Water St. after 2011.Ocean Street @ Water Street before 2011. Cotton Lane 41st Ave @ Round Table. Ocean @ Soquel Ave



Porter St @ Main


Dakota Ave @ Soquel Avenue Soquel Avenue @ La Fonda Avenue 41st Ave @ Soquel Drive      
Soquel Dr @ State Park Soquel Dr @ Izant Ct Soquel Dr @ Freedom Blvd Soquel Dr @ Spreckles      
Freedom Blvd @ Martinelli (front), Watsonville.Freedom Blvd @ Martinelli (back). Watsonville. Freedom Blvd.

Main @ 2nd


Freedom Blvd @ Calahan Park      

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