Piece Title
Green Valley Road Mural
Name(s) of Artist(s)
Arturo Thomae, Rewen Reyes, Abigail Magno
Commissioned By
City of Watsonville
Retaining wall on South Green Valley Road
Installation Date
April-August 2012

Description of Work

About four feet high and 220 feet long at the corner of South Green Valley Road and Main Street in Watsonville.  Intended to show flora and fauna of the Watsonville sloughs. Some artistic license is granted. Otters are in Elkhorn slough in Monterey County.  The sloughs of Watsonville are too inaccessible for otters. A blue damsel fly is shown because it was easier to draw than  a dragonfly.

The wall was put in to prevent the hill from sliding onto the road.

Frog drawn around a drain.

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