Park Location
1.4 miles South of Waddell Beach on Highway 1
Sunrise to Sunset
1.5 Miles
County Parks General Info: (831) 454-7900
Paved Pedestrian Access to Beach
Disabled Accessible View Platform
Picnic Tables
Big Parking Lot

Greyhound Rock is a county beach about 18 miles north of Santa Cruz on Highway 1. It is north of (but not connected by sand) to the beach at Scott Creek and it is south of where the North end of Swanton Road meets Highway 1. The only highway marker is a brown sign that says, "Beach Access." The rock itself is really fun to walk on, though it does become surrounded by water at high tide. All facilities are at the parking lot. The beach itself mostly lines a small cove and by walking north it is possible to reach Waddell Beach, but time this carefully because higher tides will cover the beach and block passage. In between Greyhound Rock Beach and Waddell Beach there is a large reef area where tide pools are accessible during lower tides. This beautiful  beach has a secluded feel and is a great place for birdwatching for this reason. 

From the parking area you can see part of the trail (circled) where it meets the beach.

Greyhound Rock at sunset.


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