Highway 35, also known as Skyline Boulevard, is a 58¾ miles long two-lane highway that runs North-South from the intersection with Sloat Boulevard in San Francisco, and runs parallel to Interstate 280 until it meets with Highway 92 in San Mateo County where Highway 35 starts to run along the summit of the Santa Cruz Mountains.  When Highway 35 reaches Santa Cruz County, the road weaves back and forth between Santa Clara County and Santa Cruz County.  Highway 35 goes from Skyline Boulevard into Bear Creek Road for ¾ mile, and then another 2 mile as Summit Road before it ends at the junction with Highway 17.


A lot of the highway is "relatively" bike friendly, be aware of fast moving traffic.  There are usually bike lanes in the urban areas of the highway.

This is a popular highway for motorcycle riders.

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Major Intersections within Santa Cruz County

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"Highway 35", "37.206348", "-122.049226"

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