Mission Statement
The Homeless Garden Project's Mission is to bring together people
from throughout the community in the beauty and security of
our certified organic garden, to practice and teach principles
of economic and ecological sustainability through classes
and hands-on experience, and to Provide homeless men and
women job training and transitional employment.
Mailing Address
P.O. Box 617, Santa Cruz, Ca, 95061
Office & Store Location:
30 West Cliff Dr, Santa Cruz, Ca, 95060
Office Hours: Tues-Fri 9 am-6 pm
Store Hours: Thurs-Sun 10 am-5 pm
(831) 426-3609
Executive Director
Jim Lang, Board Chair
Citizens Committee for the Homeless
Tax ID
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The Homeless Garden project provides a community garden space for homeless people and other at risk groups to grow both edible and non-edible crops. Their two farms are located at: Natural Bridges Farm and Homegrown Gardens, and the project also includes the Women’s Organic Flower Enterprise.

      In May of 1990, the Citizens Committee for the Homeless, a Santa Cruz County non-profit, began a new project by opening the gates of an organic garden on Pelton Avenue. The Homeless Garden Project would provide job-training and meaningful work in a therapeutic environment.

The Project began as a place to provide sanctuary, refuge and meaningful work within the healing environment of the organic farm.

The purpose of our programs and activities is to foster connections among all the members of our community.

Homelessness and joblessness go hand in hand. Lack of job skills, recent work history, social support network and low self esteem all make the transition out of homelessness more difficult. The integrated approach of the Homeless Garden Project's programs addresses all of these needs.

Homelessness in Santa Cruz

  • 30% of respondents in the 2009 Homeless Census and Survey cited job loss as the primary reason for their current episode of homelessness.
  • 16% of survey respondents reported that their alcohol or drug issue was the primary reason for their homelessness.
  • A landlord’s sale or re‐use of the rental property where they were living (9%).
  • Arguments with family or friends causing being asked to leave their residence (8.5%)
  • Mental health issues (4.8%) or illness or medical problem (4.5%)
  • The information above and in the sidebar is taken from the 2009 Santa Cruz County Homeless Census and Survey available here: http://www.appliedsurveyresearch.org/projects/homeless2009.html#scruz.
  • The study revealed a diverse population with many different needs.

Overall, living in poverty puts people at risk for being an illness, an accident, or a paycheck away from living on the streets.


Volunteer Openings

Our volunteer program is flexible to allow for varied interests and schedules. - See more at: http://www.homelessgardenproject.org/whatwedo/jobs.php#sthash.xsra68DO.dpuf

Email Jes Walton, the Volunteer Coordinator, at jesw@homelessgardenproject.org if you'd like more information about our volunteer openings.




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