Mission Statement
The Mission of Imagine Positive Change is to provide funds that link poor and homeless to
independent living services thereby reducing the need to panhandle.
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903 Pacific Avenue, Suite 202, Santa Cruz, CA 95060
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July 2011 - First Imagine Positive Change meters installed

The Imagine Positive Change meters are located all over the downtown, and supporters of the organization hope the program will simultaneously reduce panhandling while offering people a way to help the homeless.

Critics of the program claim it is an attempt to rid the downtown of a certain type of person, and Robert Norse was quoted as saying the Santa Cruz City Council was, "spending money on these cosmetic, essentially repressive measures."1

Walnut Avenue. Photo by Bradley Allen. January 21, 2013. Shortly after the Imagine Positive Change meters were first installed, they started to be vandalized.

Imagine Positive Change coalition partners include: The Downtown Association of Santa Cruz The Homeless Persons Health Project The Human Care Alliance Locally Owned Business Association Housing Authority of the County of Santa Cruz Santa Cruz Chamber of Commerce United Way of Santa Cruz County Ken Cole - Homeless Advocate

IMAGINE Positive Change is local to Santa Cruz, California. The group Positive Change is local to St. Paul, Minnesota.  These separate organizations with similar names can easily appear together on the same internet search.

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