Its Beach

Park Location
701 West Cliff Drive
Field area - Sunrise to sunset
Surfing Museum - Noon to 6 pm Daily (Closed Tuesday)
Lighthouse Field State Beach
? Acres
Surfing Museum
Lighthouse Field
Trails, picnic tables, restroom, drinking fountain, phone, dogs permitted

Its Beach is the common name used by locals for the main beach at Lighthouse Field State Beach, which is across from Lighthouse Field and, strangely enough, next to a lighthouse. Its Beach is a California State Beach and dogs must be on leash at all times. The beach is known for its great waves, which break both on the beach and farther out.

View From Its Beach

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2009-09-30 22:12:13   I remember it being called "It" Beach not "Its" Beach. But I have heard "Its" Beach in more recent years. I went to Capitola Elementary School till the second grade. Then, Natural Bridges, Mission Hill, Santa Cruz High '82 and Cabrillo, having lived on 47th, 41st, and lastly Plateau. A Friend of Wiki-LDH —

2010-10-30 10:18:37   Early spring 2010 I was given a warning by a state park ranger (now in charge of patrolling city beaches) that dogs on the beach must be kept on a leash. I believe the city forfeit patrolling rights with the big budget crunch we saw in 2008-2009. —