Jim and Lisa Jensen Aschbacher in front of one of their murals.

James Carl Aschbacher
1997—at Stiles & Strong Gallery
2001—Song of Santa Cruz mural w/Lisa Jensen Aschbacher (2001)
2004—at Artisan's Gallery
2007—at Many Hands Gallery
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James Aschbacher is a self-taught artist. He is responsible for many murals in the county and his work includes paintings and is also available in greeting card format.   His work is noted by a frame of distinctive symbols. Aside from a tool to get the viewer's eye to view the entire image, there is no special meaning to the symbols.


Scroll right to see all of the "Song of Santa Cruz" mural. It is so long the image had to be photographed in sections and melded together. Photo by John Pilge: May 2010. The "The Big Adventure" is on a traffic box Jim painted is on Soquel Ave at Capitola Rd

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