James Durbin from his page on the American Idol web site. March, 2011.

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In 2011 at age 22, James Durbin received national attention as he gradually progressed to fourth place on the 10th season of the television show American Idol. The singer wowed the judges on the program with his energetic, passionate performance, and Jennifer Lopez broke into tears as Durbin was eliminated from the show. Also highlighted on the show was Durbin's personal backstory: the diagnosis of Tourette's and Asperger's syndromes Durbin received as a child, as well as his father's story. Also a local musician, Willy Durbin, a bass player, died of a drug overdose. Durbin's final week on American Idol included an additional cliff hanger; if he were to make it to the final three he would get to play a 'hometown' show at the Boardwalk. He did not make it to the final three, but after some wrangling from locals, the show's producers were convinced, and Durbin Day commenced on the Boardwalk's bandstand, with the singer singing (backed up by the White Album Ensemble) to a crowd of 30,000 fans.

James also participated in local music competitions; in 2010 he won the Your Music Magazine Santa Cruz Band Olympicks Vocal Solo event, and he was the first person to receive a scholarship from the Santa Cruz Musicscool. Dale Ockerman, who played with the Doobie Brothers, runs Musicscool, and in a Santa Cruz Patch article about Durbin he said, "I've worked with Mike McDonald, Bill Champlin, Steve Marriott, Richard Bryant- some of the best of the best, and he's up there with those musicians, a unique soulful powerful voice, he seems to not have any limits."1

Lisa Leuschner is also from Santa Cruz County and was on season 3 of "American Idol."

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2011-07-14 18:45:10   Video's of James from HP Performance: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL6C7824CAC09C8B79 —