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Jewel Box is a nickname for an area in Capitola east of 41st Avenue, south of Capitola Road, and west of the Capitola Village . This residential area is called "Jewel Box." because the streets are named for gems. They are Topaz Street, Opal Street, Jewel Street, Garnet Street, Emerald Street, Crystal Street, Diamond Street, Jade Street and Ruby Ct. There are no specific borders of the nicknamed area.


The Jewel Box neighborhood in Capitola,  was reportedly named  after a  train stop, named Opal. The area around Opal Street was developed into homes shortly after 1919. The area was Opal Subdivision 1.  The rest of the streets were named for numbers. After 1949 during another building boom the surrounding streets were named for jewels.

Diamond, Jade, and Ruby Ct. have condos and later manufactured residence buildings. The other streets have older homes.


It is a residential area.



Bus Stops on Capitola Road and 41st Avenue.


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