307 Beach Street, Santa Cruz, CA 95060-5415
(Please fill in hours)
(831) 600-8900
Ice cream flavors
(Names of owners/proprietors here)
Russ Salyards and Keegan Low.
1950. May 2011 in Santa Cruz.
Price range
(Prices for "average" entrees)
Payment Methods
Cash, credit cards.

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Loard's Ice Cream is a somewhat old-fashioned shop that makes its ice creams by hand. They got their start in Livermore, CA (I believe), and have apparently branched out throughout the greater bay area. In addition to a decent variety of ice creams, they make chocolates and a few other candies which you can get by the pound. They're comparable to See's in price, although they probably have fewer varieties. Their shops are typically decorated with a great deal of pink. The ice cream is great, and they have a decent variety of sundaes and the like. In at least some of the communities where they have locations, they're the last real sit-down ice cream parlor.

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