Right Whale skeleton

From the UCSC website:

"100 Shaffer Road @ Delaware Avenue, Santa Cruz, CA 95060-5730", "36.954788", "-122.062625"

Long Marine Laboratory (LML) is an oceanside research facility located on a coastal site overlooking Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary. The lab provides facilities for scientists who require running seawater, large marine mammal pools, and seawater labs to conduct their research. The close proximity of the lab permits ease of integration of activities with the campus' instructional and research activities.

Approximately 100 UC Santa Cruz faculty, researchers, graduate students, and support staff have permanent space here. In addition, a number of undergraduate and graduate-level courses are taught onsite, and several visiting scientists are accommodated each year.

Long Marine Laboratory is known throughout the marine research community for innovative marine mammal research in areas such as diving physiology, physiological ecology, bioacoustics, and cognition. Active research at the lab is also conducted in the areas of nearshore invertebrate marine biology, ecology, and issues surrounding ocean health. Available facilities includes:

  • Outdoor seawater pools and pens for holding pinnipeds, sea otters, and small cetaceans
  • Seawater laboratories for fish, plankton, and marine invertebrates
  • Radioisotope labs
  • Culture lab for fish and marine invertebrate larvae and juveniles
  • Controlled photoperiod labs
  • Plankton culture labs
  • Research scuba-diving facility and small boat staging area
  • Meteorological station
  • Remote sensing surface current station (CODAR) in cooperation with NOAA
  • 1,000-gallon-per-minute seawater delivery system, wet and dry labs, and staff support

Also apart of the Long Marine Laboratory is the Seymour Marine Discovery Center, the lab's public education facility that focuses on interpreting marine research.

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