514 Front Street, Santa Cruz, Ca, 95062
Tuesday through Sunday
Lunch 11am to 3pm, Dinner 5pm to 9pm
(831) 458-3023
Cuisine Type
Vegetarian, Sri Lankan
(Names of owners/proprietors here)
2007 at this location
Price range
(Prices for "average" entrees)
Payment Method
Cash, Credit Card, Other

They describe their food as a fusion of many styles, Sri Lankan, Malaysian, Indonesian, Middle Eastern, and even Italian.

Early in 2007 the owners closed both of their restaurants, the Malabar Cafe and the Asian Rose, to reopen them both under the single name of Malabar Restaraunt in this new location. Prior to 2007 the Malabar Cafe was located at 116 Soquel Ave. The restaurant is called Malabar, but the owners painted "Asian Rose" above their marquee to help direct old loyalists to the new location.

Evening dining at Malabar is elegant, but at lunchtime the food is served more like it was at Asian Rose. One of the more remarkable things about this vegetarian locale is the Sunday fixed menu, which continues in their new location. It is probably the best way to introduce yourself to the restaurant. After enjoying a battery of small and diverse portions, served in four or five courses, you will get a check but it will have no dollar total on it; you will simply "pay what you think is fair."

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2007-04-29 15:31:22   they have re-opened, but i'm not sure what time they open on sundays for dinner. someone should add their hours :-) —