One of the few clues it is a county park.

Park Location
Along Kings Creek Road, Boulder Creek, CA 95006
410 Acres
Sunrise to sunset.

Dr. A. C. Miller donated over 400 acres to the University of California. The area was known as Miller Recreational Area, Miller Retreat, and U. C. Miller Redwood Recreation Area.

The area now know as Miller Property, was owned by The California University Regents. They were in talks with the county of Santa Cruz in 1993, but could not reach an agreement. They put the land up for bid. The winning bid on July 15, 1994 went to to Save the Redwoods League, for $2.4 million. The league donated the land to the county of Santa Cruz, March 30, 2001.

As of 2010 there are only a few trails and some signs in the park. Without the funding for improvements, the county is cautious about encouraging visitors to the area. It is not listed on the county web site, nor it is on many maps.  On a few maps, it is listed as "unknown park."  There are no marked parking areas. No picnic tables. It is very quiet there.

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This is what the park has to offer. The main road is 150 paces forward on this trail.

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