The downtown end of Mission St., where it changes names from/to Water Street (past Pacific Avenue and Front Street).

The majority of Mission Street is also Highway 1. It is one of the main arteries of Santa Cruz. One end connects to Highway 1 South and Highway 17, then changes name Downtown when it turns into Water Street, which eventually merges with Soquel Avenue at the Triangle of Doom near Staff of Life. The Westside end changes name to Coast Road (Highway 1 North) and heads north along the coastline.


This street is definitely NOT bike friendly. There are no bike lanes. There's been numerous bicycle vs. motor vehicle accidents, some fatal, on this route. Try using King Street instead.

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Mission street is part of a main route from Highway 17 and Highway 1 to UCSC, but those familiar with Santa Cruz tend to take Highland Avenue to High Street to cut a corner, avoid traffic and stop lights.



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