The creek can become lake-like and hard to cross in the winter months at Natural Bridges

Moore Creek begins on the campus of UCSC as an "intermittent stream." [Some would call that a dry creek bed.] It starts near the junction of Meyer Drive and Hagar Drive. It continues south to form the western boundary of the city of Santa Cruz and enters Antonelli Pond. From there it continues through Natural Bridges State Beach to the Monterey Bay.


The creek gets the name from Eli Moore who owned a ranch that included the creek. The beach where the creek empties was also called Moore Beach because of the creek. It has also been known as Swanton Beach and Halls Beach. It is now known as Natural Bridges State Beach. (There is a creek, without a name, flowing into Soquel Creek south of Laurel Glen Road that was once known as Moore Creek. It was named for a different Moore who owned a mill.)




Many maps only show Moore Creek near Antonelli Pond since the rest of the creek is dry most of the year.

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