Murray Street starts at East Cliff Drive near the San Lorenzo River.  It continues to the Glenn E. Coolidge Memorial Bridge, that crosses the Santa Cruz Harbor.  The bridge was built in 1969 connecting Murray Street to a residential street on the other side of the harbor.


Murray Street is part of the Pacific Coast bike route.  There are bike lanes along Murray Street, except for the area where Murray Street meets East Cliff Drive.  At this area, bikes are allowed to use the full lane, vehicles are not supposed to pass and there is even a "Share the Road" sign for the intersection.

There is a sidewalk along the south side of Murray Street. A lot of bike riders prefer driving on the sidewalk instead of the bike lane. It is much safer. Although the street is standard width, the larger vehicles seem to hug the white line of the bike lanes. Notice the bike is on the sidewalk to avoid traffic.

Public Transportation

Route 68, route 68N and route 12 travel parts of Murray Street. Some of the route maps of the transit system have Murray Street mis-labeled or not labeled.  If you see a route crossing the harbor, west of the bridge, that is Murray Street.


Major Intersections

Murray Street is along the rail road tracks. Drivers cannot always turn right onto Seabright.

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