Where Newell Creek crosses Glen Arbor Road.

Newell Creek starts near Bear Creek Road at elevation 1,750 feet. It travels south to join the San Lorenzo River near Highlands Park. The creek is about six miles long. About 2.5 miles of the creek is the reservoir. Because of the reservoir, the creek is sometimes called upper and lower to distinguish between above the reservoir and below the reservoir.

Newell Creek Dam was built starting in 1959 to create the Loch Lomond reservoir. It is an earthfill dam, 190 feet tall by 750 feet wide. Water first ran over the spillway in 1963.

History Named for Addison Newell. He settled in the San Lorenzo Valley in 1867 and owned land in the area. Some maps have listed the name as Newells Creek.

Businesses There is a store at the reservoir.


No bus service in the area. Trains were in the area until 1912.


USGS topograpic map:

Latitude(DMS) Longitude(DMS) Map Name
370451N 1220449W Felton

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