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Noble Gulch is the name of a stream bed that starts near Fairway Drive and Bay Heights Drive. It goes south under Highway 1, through Capitola Village, to Soquel Creek. It is also called Noble Gulch Creek. During the March 2011 flood in that area, KTVU called it Noble Creek.


Named for Agustus Noble. Settled in Soquel in 1856, working as a minor, as a cooper and a hide and wool buyer. In 1860 he acquired 120 acres of the original Rancho Soquel. Noble Gulch Park is named for Noble Gulch.

In 1996 it was discovered that a high bacteria count occurred in Nobel Gulch water. It is now monitored.

In January 2008 The Mid County Post reported, "Friends of Noble Gulch has been working on cleaning up the wooded stream bed..."

In March 2011, two flash floods occurred after heavy rains. The drainpipe that carries Noble Gulch Creek under a mobile home park broke. This released a flood of water through the town.



The gulch (and occasional creek-flow) is considered non-navigational.


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