Even on some maps, the distinction between NORTH Green Valley Road and SOUTH Green Valley Road is not noted. To the locals it is "Green Valley Road north of Freedom Blvd." or "Green Valley Road south of Freedom Blvd." to refer to either Green Valley Roads. See the separate listing for South Green Valley Road.

 Green Valley Road starts at Freedom Boulevard in Watsonville and goes north. It runs about 14 miles north to a junction at Apple Valley Lane. Then east about two miles to Hazel Dell Road where Green Valley Road ends. At a few points Green Valley Road becomes one lane. This is only in the rural areas. A one lane road often happens when it goes between two big trees that were too expensive to remove. On a few maps, you will see extensions of Green Valley Road that are up to 2000 feet long and dead end. These serve as driveways to private property that have Green Valley Road as an address. Several bridges cross over Green Valley Creek along North Green Valley Road.

Looking toward North Green Valley Road where it starts at Freedom Blvd.

Bike-Friendliness  For Green Valley Road, there are bike lanes up to Mesa Verde Road. After the turn west, the white line marks the edge of the road. The grade is gradual and up as you go away from town.

Public Transportation

Bus route 75 travels more than half the distance of Green Valley Road.


Green Valley Road Pinto Lake County Park is on Green Valley Road. (There are latrines and water fountains.) Pinto Lake Park is on Green Valley Road.


The name Green Valley, comes from the translation of Cañada Verde. A name that represents the valley area now covered by Green Valley Road.

Major Intersections

Green Valley Road Freedom Boulevard & Green Valley Road Airport Boulevard/Holohan Road @Green Valley Road

Restaurants and Shopping

Green Valley Road From Freedom Boulevard to Airport Boulevard is the major area of business.


Petrol from Freedom Boulevard to Airport Boulevard along Green Valley Road. Foods Available from Freedom Boulevard to Airport Boulevard and before Pinto Lake County Park.

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