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Pajaro has a population of 3,514 in 2000. There are 612 households. The town is 54.21% male and 45.79% females. Just over 56% of the population of Pajaro is married. The average elevation of the town is 30 feet above sea level. The town is about 3 miles inland from Monterey Bay and is part of the Royal Oaks community. Pajaro and Watsonville share the same ZIP code, 95076.


Spanish Portola Expedition in the 1700's found a river they named Rio Del Pájaro (River of the Bird) which is now called Pajaro River. The town Pajaro is named from the river which marks the border between Watsonville and Pajaro. The river also marks the border between Santa Cruz County and Monterey County. Pajaro is in Monterey County. The first Post Office in Pajaro was established in 1872. The name "Pajaro" is spelled without an accent when used as part of a proper noun in English.


The Pajaro Valley Golf Course is in Pajaro.


The only mass transit for the city is the local bus system (Monterey-Salinas Transit).


USGS topographic map

Sequence Latitude(DEC) Longitude(DEC) Latitude(DMS) Longitude(DMS) Map Name
1 36.8499546 -121.8096744 365100N 1214835W Moss Landing

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